Scientific Perspectives

Wilderness stewardship is a field that is ever changing. New and increased recreational uses, ecosystem trends such as climate change, species invasion and extinction, air and water flow, and the application of new scientific data require management be highly adaptive. Our Community of Practice is made up of people who are informed of new and emerging wilderness stewardship issues, have developed professional opinions, and designed research projects to address them. We publish and share these projects in our ‘Scientific Perspectives’ program. Please note that papers do not reflect a singular opinion within The Society for Wilderness Stewardship or agency policy.  Rather, they are put forward to catalyze discussion and initiate improved management strategies in regard to highly important and evolving wilderness stewardship issues.

We accept paper submittals on a rolling basis. Inquiries may be sent to our Executive Director, Heather MacSlarrow, and should identify the stewardship issue being addressed as well as the scientific process followed. Papers should be scientific in nature, evidence-based, and reviewed by at least three peers. All submitted materials will undergo review and approval processes by The Society for Wilderness Stewardship Board of Directors.


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