Wilderness Towns

A large part of designating a wilderness area is identifying it's boundaries.  Will it go over or around this mountian?  How close to this road or town?  What habitat should it include?  But as we all know, the boundaries we drawn on maps are human in nature - they do not dictate the ecological processes or start or end of habitat.  And how an adjacent (or gateway) town functions affects nearby wildernesses.  Noise and light pollution, recreation and incursion, loss of biodiversity, heat emanating from blacktop...these are all things that degrade wilderness health.  To address this issue, SWS is working with partners to develop the "Wild Town" designation.  A municipal designation, it crowns a town with recreation and visitation esteem while helping it to protect it's local wilderness areas.  To learn more, or join the conversation in how to craft this designation, contact us.

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