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More details, including speakers and in-depth session descriptions, coming soon.

Friday, October 9

Time Session Description
10:00 - 2:00 MT Yosemite Immersion A virtual grounding in the people and places of the Yosemite Valley.  

Tuesday, October 13

Time Session Description
9:00 Coffee Hour Relaxed Coffee Hour reflecting on the Yosemite Immersion day.
9:30 Opening Welcome to the National Wilderness Workshop from the: Society for Wilderness Stewardship, National Wilderness Stewardship Alliance, Yosemite National Park, University of California at Merced, and the Interagency Wilderness Stewardship Committee.
10:00 KeyNote Wilderness through a time of Change
12:00  Lunch
1:00 Ecological Change  Should we actively manage for resilience?  Ecological intervention in Wilderness through the lens of restoration.  A panel discussion exploring a spectrum of viewpoints: scientific applications, Whitebark Pine restoration in Montana, Giant Sequoia restoration in California, deciding not to pursue restoration in Wilderness in the Pacific Northwest, decision making in Yosemite National Park, and an academic framework.
3:00 End of Day

Wednesday, October 14

Time Session Description
9:00 Coffee Hour Relaxed Coffee Hour - Catch up with friends and discuss the prior day's events.  Two small group discussions will cover each of the prior day's topics (the KeyNote presentation and Ecological Change).
10:00 Wilderness Culture: Tribal Wilderness and Protected Areas Wilderness from a Tribal perspective - Wilderness and Protected Areas Management on Tribal Nations, and Tribal Connection to federally designated Wilderness.  
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Wilderness Culture: Affinity Spaces in Wilderness Expand your perspective and explore affinity (or single identity, click here to read more) spaces in Wilderness and on public lands through an interactive session of story-telling and role playing.  
3:00 End of Day

Thursday, October 15

Time Session Description
9:00 Coffee Hour Relaxed Coffee Hour - Follow up on the Affinity Spaces discussion from Wednesday by delving into the #metoo movement.  Small group discussions and safe spaces will be used to increase understanding of #metoo in Wilderness, and chart next steps.
10:00 Wilderness Science: Economics of Wilderness Delve into the emerging research on Wilderness economics and valuation through a multi-faceted lens.  Break into small groups following a presentation to discuss amenity migration and how to highlight wilderness economics without distilling wilderness to only monetary value.
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Wilderness Science: Psychological Benefits of Wilderness Learn about the cognitive and neurophysiological outcomes of exposure to, and immersion in, natural environments.  
3:00 End of Day

Friday, October 16

Time Session Description
9:00 Coffee Hour Relaxed Coffee Hour - Join us in looking forward to the next National Wilderness Workshop.  Tell us what to keep and what to toss, and help craft next year's theme.
10:00 Wilderness Management: Wilderness Stewardship in a Time of COVID-19 Rotate through small groups to discuss your experience managing wilderness stewardship in the unique landscape of 2020, and hear from the experts on lessons learned and best practices.
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Wilderness Management: Innovation in Community Based Science Learn about newly emerging systems and programs to enhance community-based sicence and wilderness management.  Three brief presentations will focus on water quality and creative stewardship on wild and scenic rivers, interactive mapping, and community monitoring via the RIMS app.
2:00 Closing Change, Empathy and Sharing the Load - We'll close the 2020 National Wilderness Workshop with a presentation on the outcome of the empathy and learning session that closed the 2019 workshop.  We'll discuss shared success stories and chart a path for the future of wilderness stewardship.
3:00 End of the National Wilderness Workshop


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