Guiding Principles

Anza-Borrego Desert, Photo by Stephen Peel
Anza-Borrego Desert, Photo by Stephen Peel


We believe in the value of teamwork. We are committed to working together with those interested in securing the highest level of professional practice. Therefore, we will maintain an environment that fosters respect, participation, innovation, and the highest ethical standards of conduct.

Collaboration and Community

We believe that effective wilderness stewardship transcends disciplines and administrative boundaries and depends on a community among like-minded scientists, managers, educators, government and private conservation workers, volunteers, students, the public, and both private and public organizations to address wilderness stewardship issues. We believe that as members of a professional society we share a committment to advancing knowledge, standards and support for our community. Therefore we will provide programs, opportunities for engagement and a voice for supporting the professional practices of wildernses stewardship.

Honest Communication

We believe that honest and forthright communication of issues, needs, and knowledge about wilderness is essential to professional practice.  We are committed to always presenting accurate and complete information. Therefore we will fully disclose and resolve existing or potential conflicts of interest and challenge and correct misinformation about wilderness.

Public Trust

We believe that through the Wilderness Act of 1964, Congress secured for the American people of present and future generations the benefits of an enduring resource.  We are committed to honor this public trust through the development of professional standards and ethics. Therefore we will adhere to both the spirit and intent of that law through the professional practice of wilderness stewardship.

Professional Excellence

We believe that the Wilderness Act of 1964 requires a high standard of responsibility and stewardship of a lasting resource. We are committed to the highest, most professional level of care possible, including continuous improvement of knowledge and skills. Therefore we will support and advocate for excellence in the professional practice of wilderness stewardship.

Sound Science

We believe that sound science is the foundation of effective wilderness stewardship.  We are committed to using the best available science to inform wilderness policy and management decisions. Therefore we will sustain science programs, and support and advance the development of state-of-the art practices and techniques.

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The Society for Wilderness Stewardship is a non-profit, charitable organization under the 501 (c)(3) section of the Internal Revenue Code.