Workshop Recordings & Resources

Resources from the 2020 National Wilderness Workshop

Wilderness in a Time of Change


Friday, October 9 Recordings & Resources


Science and Data in Yosemite Wilderness

Wilderness Center Education & Patrolling in the Field

Collaboration with State Agencies and Park Partners in the Management of Wilderness

Youth and Outreach


Tuesday, October 13 Recordings & Resources



NPS Wilderness Annual Report 2019

Ecological Change

Ecological Intervention Framerwork

- Protected Area Stewardship in the Anthropocene: integrating science, law and ethics to evaluate proposals for ecological restoration in wilderness.  Landres et al., 2019.

- Beyond Naturalness: Rethinking Park and Wilderness Stewardship in an Era of Rapid Change.  Cole and Young, 2010.

- Draft WLC Evaluating Interventions Guidance


Resilience in Wilderness Town Hall

- Arctic Resilience Forum


Wednesday, October 14 Resources (Recordings to become available in the evening)


Ecological Change Coffee Hour

- Wilderness Personal Values Quiz

Tribal Wilderness and Protected Areas

Tribal Wilderness Shared Chat

Wilderness Awards

NPS Volunteer and Wilderness Stewardship Awards

The Rise of Affinity Groups: Building a More Empathetic Wilderness Community

- Rise of Affinity Groups Presentation

- Style Guide for How to Discuss Disability

- Diabled Hikers Trail Rating Guide

- Gender Breakout Session Presentation

- Age Breakout Session Article

- Age Breakout Session Activities

- Disability Inclusive Outdoor Community Notes

Movie Night

- Pack Stock Center of Excellence

- Trinity Alps Pack String

- Ivan the Mule Instagram

- Ivan the Mule Book


Thursday, October 15 Resources (Recordings to become available in the evening)


#metoo Coffee Hour

- Sexual Harrassment and Sexual Assault Resources List

- Safe Outside Survey Results for Climbing

Wilderness Economics: Exploring the Ways that Wilderness Lands Support Our Economy and Human Well-Being

The Benefits of Natural Spaces: Exploring the Nexus of Healing, Well-Being, Social Justice and Access to Wilderness and Other Natural Settings


Friday, October 16 Resources (Recordings to become available in the evening)


Looking Ahead Coffee Hour

Wilderness Stewardship in a Time of COVID-19

- Saved Chat from the Session

Innovation in Community Based Stewardship

Closing: Shared Stewardship in Wilderness - Recent Research and a Story of Building a Shared Stewardship Relationship

- Armatas et. al 2020: Building Wilderness Partnerships Through Empathy: Results from Surveys and Group Discussions During a Shared Stewardship Session at the 2019 National Wilderness Workshop.

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