Giving Tuesday

Did you know that the 2020 Cares Act introduced a new charitable donation automatic deduction?  The IRS will award up to $300 for cash contributions (these do not need to be itemized) to charitable organizations.  As you plan your gifts for this year, we would be honored to be on your list.  We are raising funds for three campaigns this year:

Reforest Grand Lake

Our headquarters office is located in Grand Lake, Colorado.  This year, the Grand Lake area experienced a megafire when the East Troublesome fire came through in October.  The fire ate through thousands of trees in a landscape already weakened by drought and bark beetles. We are working to restore the forest canopy in Grand Lake and surrounding areas. Forest restoration will benefit wildlife, watersheds, millions of people who rely on the Colorado River watershed, and the local recreation economy.  This project will also serve as a blueprint that we can apply to other areas experiencing largescale ecologic change.

Donate to Reforest Grand Lake

Grow Wild Scholarship

Our work centers around working alongside land management agencies to define and implement best practices for wilderness management.  We believe that this work cannot truely be done until the wilderness community is reflective of the diversity of our country.  To increase that diversity, we are announcing the Grow Wild Scholarship.  Recipients will receive a $2,000 award, with $1,000 to be used towards outdoor/natural resources/conservation education of their choice, and $1,000 to be used to create a wild space in their neighborhood.

Donate to the Grow Wild Scholarship

General Donations

We worked hard in 2020 to be able to keep all employees, including seasonal, employed.  We are hoping to do that again in 2021, although we expect it to be another anormal year.  Any general donation you make will be applied towards supporting our employees and keeping them working on great things for wilderness.

Make a General Donation Here.

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The Society for Wilderness Stewardship is a non-profit, charitable organization under the 501 (c)(3) section of the Internal Revenue Code.