Draft Agenda

National Skills Institute Draft Agenda

The National Wilderness Skills Institute is broken up into 5 different tracks, including Traditional Skills, Visitor Use, Wild and Scenic Rivers, Wilderness I, and Wilderness II. Find the draft agenda below. The courses are broken up by day.  Note that all courses and times could change. All times are in Eastern Daylight Time. All courses in yellow are pending.

Download the pdf version at this link

List of Abbreviations:

  • VUM: Visitor Use Management
  • WSP: Wilderness Stewardship Performance
  • WSR: Wild and Scenic River
  • WCM: Wilderness Character Monitoring
  • AT: Appalachian Trail
  • CRMP: Comprehensive River Management Plan
  • ORV: Outstandingly Remarkable Values
  • LNT: Leave No Trace
  • MRDG: Minimum Requirements Decision Guide

Monday, May 24th

Tuesday, May 25th

Wednesday, May 26th

Thursday, May 27th

Friday, May 28th

If you have any questions please email Jacob Wall (j.wall@wildernessstewardship.org). 

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