Wilderness Olympics

This year, the Wilderness Workshop is bringing back the popular Wilderness Olymipcs!  The Olympics will take place on the afternoon and evening of Thursday, October 11, at the IBar Ranch.  The Olymipcs are an opportunity to compete in some fun events or cheer from the sidelines, and most of all, to connect with wilderness colleagues and enjoy some time outside of conference rooms.  Delicious food from local favorite Burnnell's, of food truck fame, and craft-brewed kegs will be on hand.  

The Olympics will consist of opening and closing ceremonies, medal ceremonies, and of course, events designed to test your wilderness accumen on a worldwide scale.  People can choose to compete as individuals or groups, or choose to participate in events without competing.  All participants can take part in as many events as they choose, from one to all, during the 75 minutes events are open.  Judges will be present at each event station, and will tally scores after events close, to award winners during the medals ceremony after dinner.


Dizzy Tent Set Up - This one starts with your head on an axe handle, the axe placed on the ground, and you spinning around it.  Setting up a tent has never been so easy! Judging criteria consists of: speed, accuracy, and panache (all skills you've undoubtedly honed with your tent set-up over the years).

Mule Packin - You'll aim to make two (2) neat, tidy, and evenly-weighted loads in this event.  Select items from a pile of gear (at least 6 items per load), wrap them in the mantie cloths, and tie the loads with the mantie ropes. Points will be awarded for neatness of mantie, even weight between loads (according to pack scale), and time!

Crosscut Competition- This is not your logger's crosccut competition.  You'll work with a partner to make a cut, but speed and strength are not the end all be all.  Judging criteria consist of: cleanliness of cut, saw care, partner communication and give and take.

Backcountry Nav - You'll have to pack your pack, follow a map, and check in to a few way-points.  Be fast, thorough, and safe to get top billing!

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